The Rollover, a Gallery Usability Issue?

Now I am a huge fan of Amazon and am always buying stuff from them. They are also not the only offender of what I consider to be a usability issue…

A short time ago, I was trying to watch the Kindle video and (while it was playing) look at other parts of the page. However, anytime I moused over any image in the gallery, the video would stop and the image I had moused over would load up. This was quite frustrating as upon going back to the video tile and re-starting it, I would have to wait for it to buffer again.

While this may seem trivial, I believe that details matter in design and usability. I am a huge fan of loading images for display on roll over, but shouldn’t this functionality be temporarily disabled whilst a video is playing? (Hmmm… Maybe that then breaks another rule…)

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