Rugby World Cup 2007

I could not believe my eyes when I saw that a tv station in the USA is actually going to be showing the Rugby World Cup and if my timezone math is correct, will actually be live for some of the games! The station is Versus; they have a calculator so you can figure out which channel they are on in your area. They have the schedule listed here on their website. I have to say I will be bragging for whoever is playing England as they won in 2003 by playing for penalties with Jonny Wilkinson. That is no way to win a match. Go for tries or go home!

Dunkhoops Tournament Highlight Video

Well the highlight video was finally completed and it looks great! Of course the video wasnt rolling when Leenis had his bounce-pass-alli-oop to me for a dunk or our team’s dunk fest on the commissioner’s team but oh well. We are in it getting dunked on quite a bit by the video producer’s team but they had to make themselves look good. 😉 And no I didnt win the dunk contest with that creative dual-dunk attempt.