Emails and unsubscribing

Working in the digital space you tend to receive a lot of emails from various companies that you have done business with etc. There are many facets to a good email and the functionalities that go with it. This article deals with one critical function that two companies have implemented very differently: the unsubscribe…


I received an email from Adobe about some other product that they were releasing, but having received enough emails about a product I wasn’t going to use, I wanted to adjust my email preferences. Clicking the unsubscribe link took me to this screen:

The page itself looked like it hadn’t been updated in quite some time and didn’t have a whole lot of options for what to do once there. I would have gladly answered a few questions about why I was unsubscribing etc. Also I didn’t necessarily want the nuclear option of unsubscribing from everything but as I was doing an email list cull, I decided to push the big red button.

Now I was receiving a lot of email from as well. Being that it was in the off season I didn’t really want to be getting emails from them anymore so I clicked the unsubscribe button which took me to this page:


Get out of my head! The top option is exactly what I wanted! Now I could ‘unsubscribe temporarily’ but still be on the list for next year/future emails. Adobe on the other hand, really missed an opportunity by not letting me adjust my preferences or ‘temporarily suspend’ emails. By doing so, they may have lost out on future business or other communication opportunities on events etc to a customer. *

* This is probably unlikely though as I use a lot of their products daily and generally am on top of what they are doing in the Digital space. Had it been another company that I am not ‘following’, it would have been a bigger missed opportunity.

The lesson stands: Details matter. Don’t ignore an opportunity by dismissing the unsubscribe functionality of your email platform.

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