Details – Choosing the right element

Perhaps this shouldn’t be a blog post but rather an obligatory flame tweet about the injustice/mistreatment of the checkbox element. However, this really bothered me as it is such a silly mistake to make. (And on the home page no less?!)

I had the pleasure to work for a designer that was very much an artist. Pixels mattered. Details mattered. And for the love of the internetz, picking the right elements matter!

@TPG - Why do you have a checkbox when you can only select one option? I believe that his cousin the radio-button would be much more up to the task as he is more selective (#dadJoke) in the options you can pick.  (Yes the checkbox here only lets you pick one but its the thought that counts.)

FULL DISCLOSURE – TPG’s internet service is constantly going out on me, so this is probably a little over the top criticism of their ui choice.

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