Benefits of a relationship with God

Whilst doing some spring cleaning, I came across my notes from a talk that Monty Hipp did for a church function I attended a few months ago. It is about the benefits of being in a relationship with God. He made some interesting points such as people sometimes not seeing the benefits of a relationship with God and that quite often people have a hard time sharing about God unless the person they are witnessing to has a big problem. Some of the quotes that I wrote down from his talk are as follows:

“People have a tendency to present Christ the way they received him.”

“When people look at you and the way you live your life, are they hungry for God or are they turned off?”

He also had a great list of many verses that point out some of the benefits of a relationship with God. (The verses may not be word for word but are my summarization of it as he was really flying through some of the verses.)

Blessing – Prov 8:34-35 – Relationship with God brings favor…

Destiny – Jer 1:4-6, Jer 29:11

Greater Wisdom – Prov 2-6:8

Assurance – Romans 6:8

Compassion – Mathew 9:36

Impact – 2 Cor 9:8 – Making a difference in lives forever

Peace of Mind – Isaiah 26:33

A guaranteed place in heaven – 2 Cor 5:1

One of the last things he said that really struck a cord with me was this: “Until you live out these benefits, all you have is cheap conversation.”

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